Explicit NBA’s Purpose

For the love of the game, this is why we obsess. A  game with the simple objective of putting an air-filled ball through a net, multiple times. We aren’t even in the NBA, why do we obsess? For the love of the game. This is more than a game though, this is a lifestyle. These are stories of legends, chefs, freaks, triple-double machines, shooters, mambas, goats, and kings, all battling for one common goal. Choosing, overcoming, sacrificing, and succeeding to see who is the best in the world, every year. When that ball is tipped, everything else in life stops and the only thing that matters is being the better man, and the better team. A place to get lost, and cheer with peers for a common alliance; this is the NBA. Everyone has a story, and that story never ends, ever. NBA players’ stories are proven and glorified based on their ability to be great on that court. How will we learn about their stories? How will we formulate opinions on each soul in every jersey? It’s easy, we obsess. There are 48 minutes in an NBA game, but when the last second on the clock disappears, the game isn’t over, and the love of the game never ends. Stories need to be told, without rules, without regret, explicitly. For the love of the game, to honor the obsession, this is why I am an NBA journalist and analyst. Welcome to Explicit NBA.


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